Wood Elves

Wood Elves

Folk who love nature, they are naturally attuned to the forest they reside in. They live in the Glade where their city is in. They call it a city but its just a garden with huts and homes in some areas. They are accompanied by the Gnomes who were brought into existence the same time as them. The wood elves are much alike with their other Elven brethren. Except their skin gets a more barkish and tawny skin color, and most of them gets hair color of darker shades. Making them seem more human than most Elves. In extreme cases,the only distinction between an extremely elegant human and a Wood Elf is their pointy ears.

Wood Elves are also more adept at using a bow and arrow, despite the Snow Elves expertise in hunting. They can match a Snow Elf arrow for arrow. Wood Elves are also good at hunting, but they only take what is necessary. And their real talents is in Beast Taming.

Wood Elves have a great love for animals, which is one of the reasons they have a good relationship with the Gnomes that are able to talk to small beasts. The Wood Elves also favor the Hippogryphs, they were creatures that are half avian and half horse. Their strange appearance amuses the Wood Elves. So they usually tame these creatures as mounts, but most of the time they are just pets.

They are led by a Druid, called Tellara. She’s a powerful druid that can turn into the shape of beasts, and is able to control the flow of wind as if it’s in the tip of her fingers. She taught the other Wood Elves that knowledge on air manipulation, which gave the Wood Elves a better standing than the Snow Elves on their archery. Usually using the wind magic to make their shots faster, sometimes even farther than a conventional bow. Wood Elves are also more friendly than their other Elven Kin. Their presence among the Gnomes made them have a good sense of humor, sometimes to the point of trickery. But it’s usually just to the level of pranks and silly conundrums. The Wood Elves were usually in times of peace, having fun with their Gnomish friends. But when the dragons came, they changed a bit. They needed to hide, so their Gnome friends used their illusion magic to hide the Grove rather than prank. It slowly became a bit grim in the Grove. They still joke around from time to time, pranking each other.

But one day that all changed, when a Wood Elf scout saw a dragon kill Halfings and High Elves. These High Elves were skilled swordsmen who was using warmagic to fly. They were skilled to the point that they seem as if they’re war gods. But that was for naught, the dragons were far more fierce. They saw the dragons use complicated flying maneuvers that made the High Elves flying seem clumsy. In the end some of the Halfings survived, but none of the High Elves did. What stood there, was a man with Green glowing Eyes, and a Sword of Emerald like sheen. He stood there frustrated at the loss of his army. It was a warrior. Soon that warrior moved towards the forest, along with the halflings he has with him. The Gnomes greeted the Halflings warmly, being kind of similar in a sense with them. The Warrior was called Verde, he said that he was the leader of the High Elves, and was leading their army to protect the halflings. He succeeded at that goal, but it resulted to his comrades getting wiped out. The Wood Elves and Gnomes tended their wounds, and when Verde was there. He saw the Wood Elves skill with the bow, and their air manipulation. And then he saw the Hippogryphs which the Wood Elves so love. He then had an idea, that changed the Wood Elves. He talked to the Wood Elves, claiming that they can help get rid of the draconic menace that is looming over every person there.

Verde tamed a Hippogryph, and told every hunter who knows how to use a bow with the wind magic to tame a hippogryph themselves. And so they did, and when they all did. Verde began training them, telling them how to coordinate air attacks and even how to wield a blade in case an enemy comes through the Wood Elves pelt of arrows. The Wood Elves were offended, But Verde still taught them how to wield spears or swords. Some of the Wood Elves enjoyed using blades, but most shunned the idea and stuck with Bows. To the Wood Elves, Verde was just a person who happens to know a bit about warfare that is meddling in their affairs.

But they all agree that danger is imminent with the menace that looms upon them. So they followed him, and were ready to strike out at the dragons. With their Hippogryph companions. The Order of the Hippogryph Riders were born. With a foreign warrior leading them.

Throughout all this time, Tellara was merely watching. Observing the stranger. She wasn’t against the idea of preparing for war, but she didn’t like the fact that the Wood Elves now actively seek it. And to even use the companions they treat so dearly as War Mounts. The existence of this man wasn’t something Tellara was comfortable with. She then made a druidic order. To which she discussed with the other lower druids of what to do of this situation and what the Wood Elves next course of action will be. Most of them were agreeing with fighting the dragons, and the older and more powerful ones was against the idea of going to war. But all of them agree’s that, the stranger should have no right to command the Wood Elves around. Even if he were the leader of the High Elves, the oldest Elves that were brought into existence.

So they plot, against the warrior that are trying to keep them alive. Their friendliness slowly fading away into ominous mistrust. The Gnomes, were busy comforting the Halflings to notice their long time friends are slowly becoming more and more sinister. So the druids communed with nature, talking to the tree’s. Making some into Ents to help them in their plot. They agree’d easily, saying that the presence of the warrior was bringing the Wood Elves into an undesirable end. Little do they know, that Tellara was a diety that has a mask, of the Wise druid that taught them magic. But was actually a diety, that shall bring the wrath of Nature upon the whole world. She is called, " The Mistress ".

Wood Elves

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