Verde, A warrior that was brought to existence in the first few centuries of creation.

Leader of the Elves, and general of both the Steel Hand, and the upcoming army
of the Wood Elves.

He taught the High Elves magic, and even trained their armies. He was mostly passive
at the first few centuries of his ruling. Which piqued the High Elves interest, Verde still
lives for so long despite not being an Elf.

And his Green Eyes were a peculiar sight as well, He was overall an ok leader.
But when a being called Xerenite appeared on Fortran Minsendre and talked to Verde.

It was then Verde called upon the Steel Hand order and went to the Halfling settlement.

When the dragons found the Halflings, was when Verde’s strong suit appeared. Combat.
He lead the Steel Hand and fought the dragons, though they fought valiantly. All the High
Elves have died, but Verde and the Halflings managed to pull through. And seeked shelter
in the Glade of the Wood Elves.

There he tended his wounds while he trained the Wood Elves to fight, To shoot and to ride their pets as mounts. He even taught them a bit of Swordplay he originally taught the High Elves.


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