Humans made their appearance at around 6th Century BSA. They lived in in the north of Crenath Continent, beyond the Raging Demonland.
They started as a tribe of blacksmiths that were threatened by the appearance of the Tieflings – Demons. In order to protect themselves they hid in the mountain Gardion. It was unthinkable but the mountain was full of gold. The Humans built a city out of gold around the mountain and it was now called Golden City.
After realising that the threat was not really the demons but the dragons they started researching them and a secret organisation was formed within the walls of the Golden City in order to deal with the upcoming threat. The Dragonborn Order, trained its recruits especially for fighting with dragons.

Thanks to the Dragonborn Order, humans found about the secrets of magic and ritual casting. They focused their research on imprisoning magic and thus they started developping many rituals for restraining the forces of the dragons. The Humans secretly participated in the Dragon-Demon War in order to test their newly developped technologies.

When the demons were defeated, they barred themselves inside the Golden City. The Dragons weren’t late to attacking the humans. The Dragons Forces collided with the Humans and the Dragonborn order, however the dragons were quick to retreat after the death of one of their kind. Even though a dragon was killed, over hundeds of humans have died in that Battle, called the Gold Bloodshed. The Golden city was almost completely destroyed and the Dragonborn order was left with less than 6 members.

More than half of the Surviving population left the Golden city and headed north, were they established the Hidden Cities of Crenath. The rest of the humans and the Dragonborn order rebuilt the Golden City. Fearing a consequtive strike from the side of the dragons, they tried transferring the dragon essense into humans. Of the remaining members of the Dragonborn order only 3 accepted to go through the ritual. The two of them died in misery. However Jaxson Mythis, the most talented member of the Dragonborn order and also one of those who participated in the ritual survived. His strength and Dexterity were increased drastically from this change but also he acquired the senses of the Dragons.

However the dragons didn’t return soon. The City was rebuilt safely and Mythis was set as the Leader of the City. Having the Corpse of a Dragon allowed the humans to continue with their researches. It allowed them to increase their Blacksmithing skills as well as their engineering. Using Dragon leather the learned to craft armors, while by using dragon tissue they managed to make their buildings more resistant to dragonfire.

50 Years BSA, the elves reached the Golden City. Mythis signed an alliance with them. Around 30 years later the dragons returned. Using their all, the humans managed to annihilate the dragons this time. Mythis got the Title White Blanket, because of his Pale white skin and because he protected the city from the dragonfire using his magic as a Blanket.

The elves and the humans Celebrated their victory and using the corpses of the dragons they had killed they boosted their research significantly. Through this scientific explosion they managed to create defensive machinery for the town and one of them is said that it was able to create fire with very similar properties to Dragonfire.

However the Dragons attacked once more 10 years ASA. A Gargantuan Dragon covered the sky. It was the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon emperor burned down the Golden City after defeating and consuming Mythis. Only a few dozens of humans managed to escape while every elf that was present in the city died.

The surviving humans either found their way to one of the Hidden Cities of Crenath or hid in the Raging Demonland.

Around 100 ASA, the humans started researching Pact magic in their remaining Settlements. They also launched many archeological expedition to the Raging Demonlands in order to retrieve lost Tiefling Technology


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