The Race of Gnomes was born in the Ceriandria Forest. When the Wood Elves appeared and created their grove within the Forest, the Gnomes joined their civilisation. The Gnomes are generally gentle creatures which are quite close to nature. They have a low magic affinity and so they prefered following a more Scientific path than their relatives. However at some point they realised that by combining the basics of science along with the basics of magic, pretty powerful combinations can be acquired. Their race possessed some of the best Wizard engineers in the whole history. It is usually claim that thanks to a Gnome Engineering Prodigy the High Elves managed to invent their Flying Steel ships.

The Gnomes have been trying to get close to Nature, and so they have focused their researches in examining the behaviour and the Body Structure of live beings. This way they have managed to acquire a quite good knowledge about Medicine and Biology, but it has also helped in mechanical engineering.

The gnomes shared some of their knowledge with the Halfings after the destruction of Steelbark Forest.

When the Gnomes realised that the Wood elves had been corrupted and turned into a more violent race, they secretly begun the creation of a gargantuan ship, which would allow them to leave the continent if anything critical happened. However in 2 hundred years time, nothing happened and the Ship’s location was forgotten. It is hidden somewhere underground near the Western coast the Gnome History says. However nowadays this ship is considered a legend.

The gnomes now are leaving peacefully with the Haflings and the Elves in the Sylvan grove of Ceriandria Forest.

The gnomes never had a leader of their own they had always been following the Wood Elves policies. There are rumors, that in the time when they were building a ship there was a hidden organisation consisting of gnomes, which was leading the race in the background. However that organisation was most likely taken out by the Wood elves for reasons unknown…


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