Elves consist of 4 subraces High elves, Snow Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves.
The high elf was the first one to appear and is considered the main subrace.

High Elves

Born in the flying island, in the depths of the fort-shaped mountain. They were created by a high being called Verde. They were all tall and elegant, most of them having blonde and light hair. Having complexions as white as milk and fair as people who are forever in their prime. They lived long and were quick to bore, curiousity eats at their mind. And their prideful manner sometimes gave off a feeling of arrogance. And then they began constructing their city. Fortran Minsendre. At first the High Elves were simple folk, then they learned how to work with steel. Afterwards they learned the basics of magic from their leader Verde who seemed like a simple warrior was a person with lots of knowledge about the arcane and divine magics. There they learned how to fight with magic. With their newfound knowledge they built steel ships that flew across the clouds to finally venture out of their home. They created the order of the Stone Ears, which was a merchantile order of elves who were shrewd and charismatic. They rode south towards the largest continent. There they saw a steel forest that piqued their interest. When they arrived there, they saw Halfings. A race of small humanoids that are happy-go-lucky, welcoming, and all around friendly people. They were curious on the High Elves tall stature and elegant presence. There they met a being called Xerenite. He was a cautious yet caring person who tested the High Elves knowledge, by means of having them try to unlift a slumber from one of their allies. They failed to do so but Xerenite merely allowed them to make a deal with the halflings. Some of the Steel Tree’s for the High Elves knowledge of steelcraft and magic. Sooner or later the High Elves constructed the Steel Hand order, an order of swordsmen and knights who trained to use simple warmagic with martial prowess.Their training basically consists of the various sword forms, and in occasion their applications to real combat, They were trained to wear heavy steel armor while flying and being able to fight even with a full-helm that impedes sight. They were even taught how to properly fall whenever an accident with their magic occured.They were consisted of mostly young High Elves who were too bored to do anything productive. Which made them into fast learners who quickly grasped the essence of swordplay and warmagic.The Elites of this order were called The Heron Bladers, with their swords engraved with the symbol of a heron.

They were Blade Masters that can easily cut through anything, especially enemies.They were an order led by Verde. Then soon the Magic Mind order was brought to existence, they were an order of archmages that serve as the military and political powers in the High Elven Society. The Archmages are selected by an initiation called ‘The Unlocking’ where the mages grab hold of your magic potential and release it by exposing them to a decent amount of magic in their system for their innate magic to react and function. This was an initiation that was the first step to a High Elven mage. Every High Elven mage were Wise, Intelligent, and Charismatic. They were people who have the qualities to lead, advise, and do. A truly capable bunch who uses their creativity and innate power to solve the High Elves problems with a flick of a finger. The Crystal Eyes were also made as scouts and seers, that used divination magic to see if there are enemies on the horizon. They bore an initiation rite similar to that of a High Elven mage, it’s called ‘Vision Quest’. To a new Crystal Eye Seer, they are shown a different plane of existence. They must look at it for an extended period of time,lasting from minutes to even hours. Their exposure to the different planes give them different abilities of insight, some are able to read into the hearts of creatures, some are to see far in the horizon, some see through the threads of time. But sometimes these visions backlash on the Seer. Giving them blindness and sometimes even unlimited vision that breaks their minds because of all of the information they gather all at once. The latter being said to be worse, Some Seers develop this sense of omnipotence. They are able to see things others cannot even with magical means, they can predict the thread of time and change it to their own bidding, and some even deliberately change it for the worse. People who are in the presence of a Seer always has the feeling of being watched, and uncomfortably being slowly exposed of their thoughts. That is why the Crystal Eye order where mostly lonesome and isolate High Elves who have reached a level of even the Archmages cannot compare to.

Whilst that was happening, the Stone Ears order constructed the town of Short Ears to commemorate the friendship of the halflings and High Elves. There they traded, socialized, and celebrated all they wanted. There was a long moment of peace for the elves, but then Verde ordered the Steel Hand to depart to the village of the Halflings in the Steel Forest. At first they thought that Verde was planning a betrayal on the Halflings, but their doubts were dead when they arrived to actually protect the halflings. With Verde gone on Minsendre, the Archmages had taken their action. Declaring the strongest among them as the new leaders of the High Elven Society. Soon magic was a prerequisite to even be considered a liable citizen in the High Elven Society. But after hundreds of years of discrimination and political struggle, it got worse. When they found out the draceans possess the strongest archmage in all of the realms. They decided to do selective breeding amongst the strongest Archmages. To that end they recieved great mages, but not ones to be on par with the dracean archmage. They tried for at least 200 years til they gave up. Meanwhile the head Archmage Harrow Sky was silently ruling over them.

He was a strong archmage, unrivalled amongst his peers. But yet he’s still afraid, of what the others might do to him. If he does nothing for the society, then they will have strong ground for him to be impeached and removed from leadership. They weren’t even supposed to lead in the first place, that was Verde’s right. But they didn’t care, they were too arrogant and haughty to even give a damn. Then news came that the halfling village was being attacked, and Verde and the Steel Hand order intercepted the dragon threat that hasn’t made its move against them at all in the previous centuries. It was said that Verde perished, along with the Steel Hand. Then rumors spread like wildfire, that the halflings were wiped out, and that the town of small ears was nigh destroyed. So what they did next was almost unforgivable. They used magic to cover the whole island with clouds and fog, shrouding it from the rest of the world forever. Harrow Sky was the one who had this idea, to which the archmages all agree’d. Many of the commoners were angered, saying that they abandoned the other High Elves in the below lands. They merely ignored them, preparing for Harrow Sky to slip up and give them a reason to kill him. Then they heard of a new species coming into view, humans. They built a Golden City almost reaching the tips of the clouds. To this the commoners were ecstatic. A city that can reach their island if placed below them sounds like something out of a dream. The High Elves were always curious, but this curiousity made for the demise of a lot of High Elves. They made an expeditionary force that shall lend aid to the humans. They arrived safely without a problem with their steel airships. They hailed the humans, and they were welcomed. The Dragons attacked the human settlement, but they were defeated by the alliance of Elf and Human. But the city is still destroyed. They made repairs and soon prepared for another attack. Then they realized how much of a mistake it was to come to the human’s aide. The Dragon Emperor attacked, the High Elves were slayed Elf after Elf, they fell like branches on a rampaging owlbear. The High Elf Expeditionary Force was wiped out. Harrow Sky was then promptly killed for letting the commoners meet such a fate, it was utter chaos. In the council room where they at first discussed things in a civilized manner they did a large-scale magic battle where the majority of Fortran Minsendre were destroyed. Where many an archmage and their family died. There they argued til a nameless leader was put into leadership. Unsure if they were merely pawns. The Steel Hand order still lives, but not in the battlefield where the predecessors perished. But among the families of those that did, they live for revenge against this opression,some live for revenge against the dragons of old, and some revenge for Verde’s inability to protect them all. It was said that one of the most powerful archmages currently living in the High Elven society was Piatro De Vaza. A wicked female Archmage that desires lichdom. Dablling in necromancy and humanoid experimentation. The Archmages sooner or later decided to grant her lichdom in the form of getting rid of her. This ended with her slaughtering many archmages, it seemed she was far stronger than even Harrow Sky. With this, she was immune to anyone. She was neither leader or pawn in their game of politics. And even the current Archmage Leader cannot do anything about her. They merely watched as the High Elven woman’s started to grow more Immortal than anyone of them could ever be. This led to the High Elven leader being just a trophy that holds no true power.

Some of Harrow Sky’s descendants has still yet to leave the material plane, and are either running away from Minsendre or plan to oppose Piatro De Vaza. The Crystal Eyes remain neutral, but they have their eye on everyone. In this deadly game of politics where they are confined into a space where even they cannot trust each other is what makes the High Elves such an opressive race despite allying themselves with many other races. It is sometimes said that a High Elf is only truly happy when they rid themselves of their home, that is why many choose to risk the dangers of the outside, rather than deal with the hell that is their safety.


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