The Draciean Subrace appeared in the Pyrian Islands, when the third egg of Auronas hatched. From that egg came a dragon at the size of a Horse. His name was Kross. The subrace begun to grow until the Dracieans had an acceptable population for building a city.

The Dracieans formed a city in the Pyrian Islands. Soon they begun focusing on magic and combat. They became one of the most powerful forces of the Dragons, since they great magic users and they had all passed through intensive battle training. Also Kross, is considered, even today as the most powerful magician in Ieyhines and even the elves after many years of selective breeding didn’t manage to reach him.

The Dracieans expanded to the Pyrian islands, and now almost every island is occupied by members of the Draciean kind. Also they embarked to the main continent of Ieyhines, where they built a coastal city, Thracma.

They Dracieans expanded in the surrounding area, and thats where the Draciean nation ends.

In the future, the Dracieans were ordered by the Dragon Emperor, Auronas to conquer the Short Ears town in the North. The Draciean forces, left immediately from Thacma and reached the Marsh of Broken Hearts, from there they headed east towards Shortearia. There they raided the Short ears town, which they managed to capture without great difficulty. They are currently controlling this town as well.


- The Dracieans is actually the only race with its own nation.
- The Dracieans even though they are the smallest of the the Dragon race, they are considered the most powerful.


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