Ieyhines, Dragonworld



At first an endless sea was in the place of this world. His name was Ieyhives, at some point he fell in a long slumber. Then the gods approached this great sea and started creating land.

The first live being on this planet was a dragon. His kin soon started to spread around the world. A few hundred years later the specie of Halfings and Elves were born. In order to protect these new species, the gods used their powers to create a powerful titan. He was Pyrious the Titan of Fire. He kept the dragons away from the halfings and the elves, but soon he was mysteriously killed.

His Body fell onto the great sea and formed an huge island complex to the west now known as the Pyrian Islands.

The gods had to protect the species until they could reach a state where they could take care of themselves so they created another great titan. He was Edaphus the Titan of Land. The ancient records of this world , state that he had the form of a Tarrasque. Edaphus surpressed the Dragon kin to the Southern parts of the world.

There the dragons managed to survive by hiding in their majestic nest, now known as Azzenir.

Soon however Edaphus proved to be a danger for all of them, but when that time came the great Edaphus fell in oblivion. The initiation of his slumber begun with a gigantic Earthquake that shaked the whole world. Through this earthquake a great fissure opened below Edaphus, and now it is said that he is sleeping in the depth of this Fissure. Soon more races begun to appear. The Dwarves in the Blackheart Mountain, The Moliwans in the Undersea Isle and the snow elves in the far north isolated from the rest of the races.

The Guardian of the Halfings – called Xerenite and sometimes called the Savior in modern history books – managed to ally the elves with the halfings and bring close their civilisations.
However soon after that he was lost. He appears some months later in blackheart mountain , warning the dwarves of the danger to come. However the dwarves refuse to leave their mountains and they start building the Blackheart Keep. Xerenite disappears after that and no-one knows where he went.Around the same time, a new dragon subrace appears in the Pyrian Isles. They were smaller and could control magic much more efficiently than their progenitors. They were the Dracieans. Not long after Xerenite’s disappearance , a meteor crashes on the ocean on the southeast . Unusualy enough land is created there but soon aftewards a gargantuan rift tore the sky. Legions of Demons, usually refered as tielflings descended from the rift and colonised in that newly formed island. The land was corrupted and in the future it was called the Raging Demonland. It is unknown when and how it happened but soon later Humans appeared on the north of the same continent. They built a city out of pure gold with towers reaching further than the sky. Most theories claim that they also came through the rift along with the demons.

Soon after the creation of the rift the dragons started heading there. For reasons unknown the Rift got surpressed and it soon disappeared. The dragons entered their first great war against the demons. They fought for 3 hundred years, before finally managing to take out the demon main army and later commit genocide on the whole specie. The awakening of the great dragon kings were necessary however for the accomplishment of this deed…

During the Demon – Dragon Wars, the humans prepared for the worst creating special Dragon Slaying units and analysing the dragon kin for the whole duration.

Meanwhile the elves created had raised their armies in order to deal with the dragons in case they or the halfings were discovered. The Wood elves and the Gnomes were also preparing for war. Soon the dragons found out about the halfings. They tried hunting them but they hid inside the Steelbark Forest and Short Ears City. The dragons were unable to come close to the halflings and so they dragonfire spread throughout the north, melting the Steelbark forest into the Marsh of Broken Hearts. The elven forces managed to push back the Dragons and secure the dispersed halflings. The surviving halflings headed to the Short Ears City and in the Ceriandria Forest.
The Dragons soon attacked the humans, however they underestimated the humans. They attacked without their most powerful soldiers meaning the dragon kings. The Humans managed to push away the dragons this time, however the whole city was demolished by the attack. Half the human population headed north and created a the Hidden Cities of Esatirn , cities built on coastal caverns under cliffs. Usually they were covered by watefalls so the dragons could’t detect their smells.

Soon the humans using components from the bodies of the dragons they had killed they tried to evolve their specie through a ritual. However only one person managed to survive the rituals. His Bloodline got increased magic affinity and increased physical traits.

The Elf explorers soon met the humans and forged an alliance with them in order to handle the dragons. Indeed the dragons attacked again, against the humans of the Golden city this time with their full forces. However it was unable for them to win and also 3 of the Dragon kings were slain in that battle. The humans celebrated their victory along with the elves and soon tried to increase their knowledge about the dragons using the corpses of the Dragon kings.

The elves soon pushed back the dragons in the north too. The dragons were getting weaker, they had to do something. And then they did a grave mistake. They awakened the Dragon Emperor. He oppressed every dragon, and leading them he went to obliterate the humans. Also he demanded researching the Tieflings technology they had acquired as spoil of war in the past. The dragons, having the Dragon emperor by their side completely destroyed the Golden City killing every elf and most of the humans. Then the Dragon Emperor had all the Gold transplaced to Azzenir. Then the Dragon Emperor Commanded the Dragons building a nest in the Blackheart mountain and also commanded the Draceans to attack the Short ears City. The dragons encountered the Dwarves in the Blackheart mountain but in a few years they managed to takeover the mountains and force the dwarves to disperse in the undreground tunnels of the mountain. The Draceans and the Halflings fought a great fight for Short Ears City. However the Halfings lost and had got escorted by the elves out of the mountains.

The Dragons were running out of food. So the Dragon Emperor demanded, using the results of the research on the Tielfing Technology along with the dragon knowledge on rifts, to create a rift towards other worlds. His wish was granted and a gargantuan rift opened to the plains east of Azzenir. The Dragon forces entered the middleworlds and in a duration of 40 years they finally had connected to many other worlds.

Suddenly one day the rifts closed. The Dragon Emperor was frustrated and wanted to know who was responsible for this. He realised it was the work of some other world’s inhabitants. For reasons unknown to him they were standing right were the rift was supposed to be. He flew there to kill them. The mysterious party managed to defeat the Dragon Emperor whose remains formed a desert and are now named Empirial Ashland. One of the Members of that party who died in that fight was later admired by all races as a Great Hero. Also the party was allowed to rule the dragons. They managed to bring all the races together, uniting the severed civilisations and allowed for the creation of a peaceful world for the first time ever…

Ieyhines, Dragonworld

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