The haflings have been present in Ieyhines since the beginnings of History. They have been the native habitants of the Steelbark Forest, and generally they were an enthusiastic race.

They had been under the protection of Xerenite when the Elves first came in touch with the halflings. They managed to make a pact with the Stone Ears order of the elves. By exchanging some of the trees of the Steelbark Forest they would acquire the knowledge of Magic and Steelcraft.

At this point they started growing into a more Culturised race. They begun using magic for their everyday life and also it they begun building houses under the layers of steel provided by the forest.
The elves built the city of Short Ears as a gift of appreciation to the halfings. They accepted the gift and a part of their population migrated to the mountain to the west, where the city was established. The city consisted of many of an underground glade with many stone houses. Also there were many tunnels leading to mines underneath the mountain. Soon the mountain got the name Shortearia.

When Xerenite left to see the elves and never came back, they started getting anxious. They then decided to create a small travelling clan, which would be travelling from place to place in order to find Xerenite. And thus the Tiny’s Clan was created, which started moving to the south.

The elves soon, announced to the halfings of the incoming threat the Dragons and so the Halfings started building underground tunnels from Shortearia to the Steelbark forest. Soon Dragons started flying over the sky. The halfings couldn’t do anything more than hide in their forest and in the Short Ear city. It was a matter of time until they were found out and when that time finally arrived it was a disastrous moment for the hafling history.

The Dragons couldn’t enter the Steelbark forest nor the Stone ear town. The halfings thought they were safe… but for how long? The dragons soon used their dragonfire to melt down the Steelbark Forest. The Trees started melting to lava and many Halfings lost their lives after getting caught in the endless stream of lava. Thanks to the elves, some of the halflings managed to escape from this Lava swamp created by the melting of the Steelbark trees. After this event the remains of the Steelbark Forest were called the Marsh of Broken Hearts. The haflings along with Verde from the Surviving elven forces moved to Ceriandria Forest where the Wood Elves and the Gnomes resided within a Grove.

The Haflings in the Forest lost their happy mood for a while but thanks to the Gnomes they managed to return to their original selves. The Haflings in Stonearia, after learning the bad news from the elves started building more and more evacuation routes within the mountain. There a certain halfing called Zuchi found a Cherry tree deep inside the mountain, in an underground cave. More halfings came to the Cherry Tree area and they built a hidden village around it. They started calling this place The Core and soon they name the Cherry Tree Ludonia and begun praising it as a god.

Around a century later, the Dracieans appeared outside of Short Ears City. They conquered the Short Ears town without great difficulty and thats because most of the Haflings escaped before the attack through the underground tunnels. The Core however is still hidden within the mountain and haflings are still residing next to the Sacred tree Ludonia.

The haflings that escaped from the mountain, started heading towards Ceriandria Forest, where the rest of the Haflings had been living. In their way they met the Tiny’s Clan which was heading this way after hearing the knews of the Destruction of Steelbark Forest. The Haflings joined the Tiny’s Clan and then it continued searching for the Xerenite.

Then a Gargantuan sphere of Water was raised to the Southwest. They Tiny’s using technologies they had researched claimed that Xerenite was the cause that such a thing happened. They headed south and built a City on the Banks of River Draith. Since sources of Steel were scarce, they begun building ships in order to get closer to that Sphere of Water. However soon later, that sphere got back to the water after the attack of the Dragon Emperor. Using their technologies, the tinies realised that a small island existed at the center of the ocean. And so they started trying to reach this island…

However the haflings of the city of Draith, soon vanished as the dragons spotted the city and attacked them under the Dragon Emperor’s Commands…


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