World Rebirth

The Rifts are Finally over
Game Session 8

The party departs for mount olympus and reach it safely.
On their way to the top of the moutnain Jack tells everyone of his Backstory. Then suddenly after everyone hears it out, they decide to enter the Subworld through a device that was granted to them previously. They enter the Subworld and when this happens Jack disappears.

Inside the Subworld another Rift is active. Priscilla Teleports Ross to the Rift and there he finds a group of mages and Knights trying to close down the Rift. A specific witch, called during Jack’s story was also Present. Her name was Marry Fier. Soon Jack arrived there, his hands were full of bandages but he wielded his sword with pride. The Rift couldn’t close. Ross figured out a way to close this Rift. Pulling Marry Fier by her hand he jumps inside the Rift. Marry can’t pass but at the last moment she casts a spell and then the Rift closes by absorbing her. Ross signals the others on the outside to have him stay in this world and to take Jack back.

After this short break, they finally reach the top where after defeating the monsters in the entrance of a Secret temple they manage to enter it.

Inside the temple they find a talking book, calling himself God of Lore. Through him they find a way of closing down the rift. What they need to do is enter the rift and conduct a ritual while in the Middleworlds. Also they learn who is the one behind the rifts. It was the Dragon Emperor, Auronas. While there, they receive message from Ruby, that the Shieldzone is no longer… No word is heard from Ruby or anyone from the Shieldzone after this message…

The Party remained in Mount Olympus and practiced on the Ritual. Then they departed to the Rift. After reaching the rift and entering it they meet up with a very distorted version of Ross. Also they find Marry Fier. With their help they start conducting the ritual.

The Ritual is succesful and the Rifts gradually shut down. When the Rifts finally close and no longer light comes inside the Middleworlds, everything gets cold. Suddenly they hear the Voice of God of Lore. He must have included a message inside the Ritual.
“I have extended the Ritual in order to teleport you out of there when you are done… now pick a Location”. Everyone starts shouting Home, Back but nothing happens…. Then Jason shouts Dragonworld, Ieyhives.

They Suddenly appear in a Valley and in the horizon they spot a Huge Mountain. A Gargantuan Dragon approaches. However Diana is dead. Jack starts crying and Ysolde is trying to transfer her godess essence to Diana in order to revive her.

When the Gargantuan Dragon finally approaches they realise he is the Dragon Emperor. Jason starts Fighting with him and soon Sellik Joins the fight.

A great Aerial Battle occurs with both sides not falling back. At some point a great light is emitted from Jason and suddenly Horns grow out of his head.

Sellik Sends Auronas towards Jason and he releases an unholy flame which incinerates the Dragon Emperor. Sellik loses his consciousness and dies. The Dragon emperor turns to Ash and Jason is lost inside it, he is assumed dead….

So it ended…

Summarised END:
The party succesfully shutted down the rifts. However they teleported to the Dragon Worlds afterwards. They Defeated the Dragon Emperor. Sellik Died in that last fight, and Jason is assumed to be dead. Ross remained in the Middleworlds. The surviving Dragons praised the survivors feat and made them their new king .Ysolde became a mortal and in 9 months she gave birth to a child, with glowing gree eyes and a tail. Diana and Jack made a family in the Dragon Worlds. Ceres left the Palace and started exploring the Dragon world, no one has seen her for a long time. Meanwhile in the human world, the shieldzone was destroyed and a few dragons remained wandering around. Possibly the only human survivors are the ones in the ship (the ship which transported the party to mount Olympus and later to the Rift). Javy stored Ross’ immovable body to a crystal cage. The remaining humans hided from the dragons which soon died in that world because they were unable to cover their needs.

Entering the Sub-World
Game Session 7

A new day is Dawning…
The Team heads slowly but steadily to the mess hall.
As they are eating their dinner and they are discussing some matters, a Beep is heard from Ross’ Phone. Its a message from Ruby wishing them good luck for the next round.
Suddenly, reality gets shattered. Ross, Jack, Sellik, Jason find themselves in a desert . The Sky is covered with ashes. Then a beep sound is heard again from Ross phone. It is some Gibberish speech ΚΣΔΞ ΞΚΚΟΞΔ ΞΞΨΜΗΗ . As they walk forward, a young women seems to walk tired to their way.
They help her. Her name is Priscilla Wilkins. She comes from a City in the North. A Dragon has Attacked the City and so she asks that they help.
Leaving her behind, they head towards the city. Indeed a Dragon is flying around the city, ravaging it and demolishing it.
Soon another beep is heard from Ross’ Phone. “A translation for the previous message is compiled:”

“You are now in a real world like ours. Humanity managed to find this world 4 years ago. Just like in our world, a rift can be found in this world. Through it, just like in the human’s world , dragons attack the land. This world is called Digital World or Subworld. Your task for this 3rd round is to Save as many people as possible within a Day. Time works differently in this world. For each person you successfully save you gain 10 points, Good Luck”

The party heads to the city. The Dragon seems to notice them. Using their glessblade they manage to interact with the dragon.
The Dragon gets pissed of with Ross and attacks him.
After a fine battle, the party pierces through the Dragon’s heart. The Dragon gets depixelated.
By defeating the dragon they manage to save most of the City’s alive population. After taking care of the injuried, they find priscilla again.
To their surprise she was the queen of this city, and she could use magic. Intrigued by the powers of Lepus, that Sellik used, she becomes questioning them. Soon it is time for them to leave.
The party returns to the real world. Only around 5 minutes have passed and after asking the others they were just there eating their food. Soon an announcement is heard : The 3rd round is about to begin. A beep sound is heard. “This is a fake for the teams without a commander”.

Soon after Ross’ finds Ruby. They head to the offices and the conference room. All the commanders are there. They start talking about the secret hierarchy of MTC. Ruby asks about Ross’ plan. Ross’ Calls his team in the room. After they are there, Ysolde announces what she found out to the rest of the commanders. Ross is allowed to head to olympus . He will also be accompanied by Ceres and her Group.
They are to leave tomorrow at Dawn.
They all went to their chambers for a wonderful night…

MTC Tournament
Game Session 6.5

They team passes their time training. Soon, the tournament starts. They manage to win flawlessly the first round getting promoted to rank 2. Without time for a big break, the second round begins. It is a Base Defense. They manage to grasp some points from this round as well however the round ends for them because the base gets destroyed. The tournament will continue tomorrow.

After they leave this virtual enviroment, they Ysolde calls them all to Sellik’s Room. She claims that she knows where to find information on how to close the rift. On mount olympus, where the ancient gods lived, a certain Tome of knowledge can be found. Soon, Ruby gets to the room.

To their Surprise , he promotes Ross to a commander , due to his achiements in the first 2 tournament rounds. Now that Ross, becomes a commander he can easily initiate an operation to mount olympus. However, one more round remains to the tournament. With that in mind Ross decides to plan the operation after that event.

After the rest of the day, they all head to their chambers and pass a wonderful night…

Joining the MTC
Game Session 6

The Battleship enters the shieldzone. Soon it docks in Valencia’s Port. The Surviving soldiers disembark. On the distance a huge Building is Visible. Jack follows an MTC Agent named Gavriel to that Building, which is actually the MTC HQ. The rest of the team follows Ketty to an Inn, eastern to the MTC HQ, next to the river. There they meet Ceres, a Realm Controller which claims to have saved the fleet when it was attacked by a Kraken… they talk a lot while in there… Meanwhile, Jack gets to the MTC HQ, in order to repair his sword he joins the Organisation… They give him a Bracelet. Moments after he wears it, his Sword turns White with its Glyphs Glowing red, returning to its original , unbroken form.
Soon the others get reach the HQ… they decide to join as well. Sellik wears the Bracelet… soon two bright pillars of green light are emitted from the top of his back. Two wings, covered in green flames are emitted.
Ross, gets a 3 meters long Spear. Its Quarterstaff , seems to be of a dark coloured metal. While the speat tip is bright yellow as if made of light..
Jason gets a dark coloured Rapier covered in crimson flames.
David’s Laptop turns white.

They are soon guided by an agent to empty appartments.

MTC Agents Rank from 1 to 4 , and MTC Commanders Rank from 1 to 3.
In order to climb up the ranks they are required specific tournaments take place.
Through them agents get promoted.

Commanders have a separate tournament.

The Characters decide to build an official team , and now they are thinking of how to split into squads for the tournament.

Jack Passes a great Night with Diana…
Everyone else wakes up in the morning heading for training. Ceres decides to be their trainer. Soon they all get enclosed in a Sphere. A Pool of lava is created in the centre of the sphere.

Ceres: So this is your training… Inside the pool of lava , a door is hidden . I will be waitting in the room behind it. Only way to leave this realm of mine is to get inside that room…

Returning to Civilization
Game Session 5

They boarded the battleship. Without losing time, Jack carried Diana to the Nursery. The doctors started operating her immediately, since her condition was critical.
Jack barely keeping his calm, went to tell the rest. The others had gone to the dining hall. Jack found them there. He explained Diana’s condition. After everyone ate their food, they met a Female MTC Agent… Ketty. She was curious about them . Jack and Jason agreed to do practice match. However when they where about to fight. Jack lost his calm and tried using his sword. Jason used his demon fire to stop Jack and so he injuried Jack in the shoulder.

MTC agents had to break in the fight. The third in command of the ship, Gavriel used his Gless-Blade to parry jack. However jack’s blade broke. Ketty using her moves, she knocked out Jason.

In the meanwhile, Ross after hearing the rumor that the commander of the ship was a gravity controller, he went to meet him in the bridge. After talking for some time, they heard the ruckus from outside, and headed to check.

Jack was furious that his blade broke so he started walking around. Jason was carried to a cabin. Due to his injury Jack, headed to the nursery, where the Doctors had pleasant news. The operation was successful and in 2 days , Diana would be back on her feet. Then he headed to a Cabin as well.

The next morning, Jack helped in the kitchen to make breakfast. In the Dining hall he apologised for his actions and shared the news. After dining, everyone went to train.

Ross and Jack started training their Endurance by running laps on the Deck.

Jason went to practice in the Gym. Where he accepted to make a practice duel with ketty.

Ketty was beating him, until he got angry… Then Ketty took a beating… She got fired up and started beating Jason again… Soon Jack came in after doing his laps.

They went to eat lunch aftewards.

After the lunch, they decided to do a Tag-Team Practice match. Ross and Ketty vs Jack and Jason.

Using Ross’s Plans, Jack and jason lost this 3 round match.

The next day, Diana woke up. Everyone headed there to see her.

For 2 more days, everyone was training.

And then when they were about to pass through Suez a Gigantic Kraken appeared close to the ship. The Crew started taking battle position. Jason burst into flames. Jack went with ketty to the cannon. Jack tried damaging the Kraken, however soon after its wounds started healing. Ruby – the commander of the ship, using Ross’s power started preparing something. Jason tried removing a horn from the enemy, however the kraken Submerged.

The Kraken Jumped from below the Ship leading it to the air.

Ruby released his power, making the ship move at an incredible speed forwards. Then he landed it safely in the Mediteranian. Ross using his remaining power pulled Jason along with the ship. Then Both ross and ruby collapsed.

The ship was safe from the Kraken and continued going forward. Ruby and Ross woke up a day later and in the same day, Shieldzone was finally on sight…

Island and its secrets
Game session 4

After regrouping on the shore, Jack and Jason go for scouting. Drake and Sellik check their remaining resources. David goes to bring some firewood. Jack and Jason return with a Boar, they hunted. Soon David brings the firewood. They set up a campfire and go on cooking the Boar (after using its not edible parts to make weapons and other things).
Ivo thanks them for taking him in.
Jack says they haven’t accepted him yet.
They decide to find the solution through a trial by combat.

Ivo shows excellence in the use of the sword and beats the first round. During to his playful personality however he loses the second.
The third round begins, Jack goes for the strike. Suddenly Ivo disappears from his sight and tries to attack from the side. Jack barely avoids. Jack tries to strike back, Ivo disappears again, appearing behind him . Ivo thinking he is really wielding a sword misses because the reach of his firewood is smaller than usual. Jack tries to Thrust Ivo, Ivo disappears , jumps on Jack’s weapon, then goes above him. Jack feels his weapon is heavier for a second and it pulls it down. With a quick move, it uses it to his advantage throwing sand to Ivo’s eyes, Jack Parries Ivo’s attack and then Lands the winning strike.

After seeing what Ivo can do… the party decides to let him in. Even if he lost the bet.
Javy starts acting weird saying things other people were thinking. Soon she gets a headache and then collapses.
Her ears and eyes start bleeding. No one knows what is going on, they are thinking of ending her pain.
But then…
A Woman with Black hair and Bright Green Glowing eyes appears out of the woods.
“I can help her she said”
Not knowing what to do they allowed her to take care of Javy.
“It would be better for her that you keep a distance”

After an hour, Javy stops bleeding and she seems better now.

The Party begun asking questions to the Young lady.
" I don’t remember where I am from or when I was born, I just know I have been living in a temple on this island for the past 300 years"
They all seem shocked with her age and suspicious of her. Later she invites them to the temple.

Half the party heads to the temple, while the rest remain with Javy.
At around 21:00 Javy awakens… David and Ivo who have been to the temple, tell the rest it is safe to head to the temple.
Javy, Jason, David, Ross and Ivo head to the Magic Temple-Mansion.
The witch they met before, named Ysolde leads them to the guest room.
They rest there for the night.

Time passes -
Sellik learns how to use a sword from Ivo, Ross learns to handle the spear and Jack trains his swordsmanship (unknown for the rest).
Ross builds a relation with Javy, Sellik receives a “Magical” Sword from Ysolde (the witch).
Each day, the males head to the island to gather food and resources. The females stayed in the temple and got trained by the witch.
On one of the days, Sellik found out he had some unseen before strength…
1 year and 6 Months Later:
June 15 2021

Sellik comes inside the guest room in the morning. His eyes are glowing green. Soon the Ysolde (the witch) comes and his eyes stop glowing. They prepare for hunting and head to the Gravity Map ( A magical device in the temple that creates a perfect miniature of the Island and works by receiving signals from the gravity. It can be used to teleport at any area of the island.)
A battleship is near the island. After discussing their plan, they head out to communicate with the battleship. It seems friendly and was waving a white flag.
A boat comes out of the battleship with three officers on board.
“We are from MTC, we recently headed out on an expedition towards the great rift, however our fleet and army was almost annihilated so we were called back to Shieldzone. If you need a safehouse you can come with us. We have food, Electricity , water and Internet. Also an energy shield to cover us from the monsters. Also if you come with us you can join the MTC and get weapons that can kill these monsters, like ours”
Suddenly a sword gets projected to one of the officers hand. “These weapons, can cut through their skins.”
The party keeps refusing until the end of the conversation
“We will wait for your answer until tomorrow’s dawn”

David thinks of going with them.
Either way they proceed with their hunting. They head to the hilltop.
Then a winged creature flies above, noticing them and landing in front of them. The party tries to fight the creature. Ivo got knocked out, Ross’ spear broke and Jack’s sword wasn’t effective.
Unable to pierce its scales, Jason bursts in flames jumps on its back and pulls of one of its wings.
The creature starts retreating while crying out loud. Sellik uses his sword to end its life proclaiming something about piercing its scales.
The creature dies and goes out with a loud howl.

While they are discussing what they can make with this creature, a Loud Growl is heard from the distance , making the ground tremble. A creature similar to the one they just killed, but 24 times bigger was spotted on the distance. With each flap of its leathery wings it closed around 300m to the Island.
Jack using his extraordinary speed begins to blink towards the temple. Sellik follows suit by using his extraordinary strength he discovered to jump a distance towards the temple. Jason while in this… demonic form… grabs ross and Drake and start heading to temple. Ivo is unconscious with David taking care of him in the woods.
The colossal creature lands on the hilltop. As its sees its hatchling lying dead on the ground, it growls again. Jason flames slowly disappear and he falls unconscious. The creature starts breathing fire and burns the majority of the island. The fire reaches Jason, Ross and Drake. But then, the flame gets pulled to the ground. The forest around them gets crushed, and the creature falls prone. Jason , Drake , David and Ivo who are nearby feels like they’re getting crushed. Then this mysterious force stops. The Creature is ready to burn them down… and then Everything stops…. Diana is behind Jack in the entrance of the temple, as the only thing moving she fell down on the ground starting bleeding …

Suddenly…. Everyone reappears at the shore. The 3 agents of MTC are there “We will wait for your answer until tomorrow’s dawn”
The party makes a signal to Ysolde and the females (who are in the Temple) to come. Soon Ysolde and Javy appear holding an unconscious and bleeding Diana. They out of nowhere ask to be allowed in the ship. One of the agents whistles, a second boat comes out .

They board the boats and head toward the battleship…

Escaping from Doom
Game Session 3

The party reaches the airport. Using cherry bombs to distract the zombies, they manage to rush inside. After managing to restrain most of the malformed creatures, they entered the gift shop area. There they met Ross. A young engineer student, who was surviving in this area for the last 4 days. After all the introductions, they headed toward the Control Tower. David, Ross and Jack went inside while the others remaining outside. After gathering resources, they regrouped. Just before they were swarmed they managed to enter an airplane. Inside the plane , a man called Ivo Kagumi was hiding in the kitchen area. Thank god the plane had no Malformed things. Jack didn’t trust this guy, even though he claimed he was a Pilot. Under Jack’s command they kept him locked in the kitchen area. They were resting in this temporary safeplace, when suddenly
“A giant pillar of red and orange light seems to be channeled to the sky, gathering the clouds and setting up a stormy atmosphere”
“An explosion on the cloud level causes the Clouds to spread in all kinds of directions”
Then , smaller white pillars of light launch off from the malformed things to the sky"
David using his moddified laptop lands off the airplane…
“As they are going up and heading away from the Pillar of light, the Pillar gets thicker and emits more light.
“Suddenly all the white beams dissapear and the Red beam starts shrinking.
" The Light of the Pillar disappears inside the meteor.
“As all seemed to have calmed down, a dark lighting comes out of the meteor heading to the sky and all directions.
“A pair of red claws seems to pierce through the Dark lightinng.
“They tear the lightning apart, creating a Hole in the sky.
“A Gargantuan Monster starts coming out of the hole.

“As the Gargantuan creature gets out of the rift, a bright fire bursts in front of it.
The creature stops momentarily and roars on the mysterious thing that popped in front of it”

“The wicked Aura of the Monster collides with the Crimson Flames in front of it. coming from the thing in front of it. The Crimson Fire strikes the creature, and pushes it backwards.”

“The creature falls on the town, destroying most of the remaining buildings and raising a screen of dust”

“As the plane, goes further away from town, mysterious lights show inside the smokescreen. The smokescreen starts to settle down. The rift is expanding, and lot of monster , smaller than the gargantuan winged one, start spreading around the town.”

“The city and the Monster is not visible, a loud roar is heard, followed by a shockwave. The plane is pushed ahead.”

David loses control of the plane, they need to jump off. Javy unlocks Ivo’s door and everyone jumps off with their own Parachute.
As they fall, the sky keeps getting stormier and then a Dark Lighting seems to be chasing them as they fall.
No one is hit by the dark lightning , soon they spot a small island .
“Lets land there…” Said someone.

Most of them fell on the sea next to the island. They where reunited at the shore. And stopped there to relax a bit.

Around Signapore
Game Session 2

3 Days have passed since the meteor crashed near singapore.
Players up Restrained in some kind of a research facility. For some reason, the Doctors there try to keep them locked inside. Maybe they want to perform some experiments on them. David , a Pen user Expert , manages to Knock out a Doctor and free Sellik. Sellik goes outside the room he was locked in along with David, they then encounter two Doctors one of which just knocked out Jack with a syringe. Sellik intimidates them with his gun and makes them surrender, they tie them up and Sellik tries to interrogate one of them who then decides it was useless and shoots the Doctor on both of his knee’s. Along with Sellik David liberates Jack and Jason. All together They liberate Javy and Diana. Also they grab an unconscious but still alive human with them and head toward the elevator.
The military on the Ground level doesn’t seem to bother keeping them locked in. They give them a Truck and allow them to leave the facility. However , some Malformed things are wandering outside in the town.

Using the truck , they go to Jason’s Uncle House. Uncle Bill, was truly a weirdo. He fed those Malformed things with dog food and salads. Also allowed them to bite his cat… Still Jason insists on bringing him with them. After loading all his things to the truck (some weeks worth of Food, tools and other weird and/or uncommon stuff)

Night is closing by, the Team decides to Camp inside a warehouse. The night passes without an incident. David went outside to catch a radio transmission and returned at dawn, his clothes dirtied with blood as he claims that it wasn’t his.
“The Military is gathering people in the Port, they are loading them to a ship…”
Before they get to discuss the matter, a shot of a cannon is heard and soon the Warehouse’s Gate is destroyed.
Behind it, Waited a Soldier, followed by 3 tanks, and an infantry unit of around 100 men.
“You are under arrest, due to causing the death of a man called “Jin Lauso” "
Jason bursts in dark flames, and just in milliseconds jumps on the tank behind the soldier and take’s out the driver beating him to death. The soldier turns around and tries to shoot at Jason. Jack rushes to save Jason. However he can’t get near in time … or so it seems. Suddenly Jack appears next to jason, and manages to protect him from the Bullet. David seems to press a button , suddenly an explosion takes out most of the Infantry of the millitary. Now only the 2 tanks remain and some soldiers…
Sellik tries to shoot the soldier, but misses. Instead the Soldier wounds Sellik in the shoulder. Jason reacts quickly and destroys the soldier.
A tank tries to shoot at Jason, but he evades. Sellik runs back to the truck and tries to make some kind of bomb along with David. Jason manages to use his mysteriously gained speed to create a smokescreen. Sellik and David fail to make a usable explosive. David Shouts: " Jack shoot the wall of the Warehouse with the empty tank!!!
Jack is shocked and can’t move. Sellik , rushes to the tank with his wound, jumps in, and points the canon to the wall.
A hole is made in the Warehouse, but the warehouse seems to start collapsing as well. David uses his Truck Driver skills to pass the Truck through the hole in the wall, even though he succeeds a tire breaks and the truck is almost capsized. (Also the gas tank is damaged which causes the gas to leak out slowly).
Still David manages to put the truck safely on the road. Jason picks up the shocked Jack and Sellik and … Blinks to the truck.
They have almost escaped, but then a tank shot the back of the truck.
The blast seemed to hit Uncle bill, who mysteriously disappears…
Jason gets angry, jumps into the Tank , opens the lid and tries to hit the driver with a Knife. He misses barely as the Knife Vaporizes. The Tank driver is somehow shocked.
Sellik tries throwing a cherry bomb inside the Tank but fails, Jack jumps out catches the Cherry bomb midair and tries to throw it in the tank instead. He fails as well. Jason jumps to save Jack. Sellik goes forward to David and asks for a cherry bomb. Jack brings out a mysterious sword from his backpack pierces the truck and manages to manages to hold on. Sellik tricks the tank into thinking that his cherry bomb is a powerful bomb. David asks for Sellik to take the wheel, then boots up his laptop and starts doing some serious stuff. The tank takes the bait. Sellik Jumps on the driver seat and barely manages to drive the Truck back on road.
The tank is around 100 m away and seems to be aiming the truck. David Shouts " I did it … I guess they didn’t see that coming !!!" Then a Ray comes down from the sky and blasts the tank. The tank is vaporized almost instantly….
They manage to escape. Then they stop since Jason needs to calm down and jumps of the truck on his own.
As everyone is trying to console Jason, David fixes the Tires. Soon the malformed things swarm the truck , so they get back in and start moving. The guy who was unconscious wakes up. Javy succeeds on calming Jason down. The guy who they were carrying with them all the time was called Drake.
Soon the truck stops….
“Shit !!!”…
David: Seems like we had a Gas leak…
David: The only building nearby is the Airport, and it is 20 minutes by foot.
Somehow they agree on going to the airport. They also make a bet whether it will be swarmed with malformed things (they themselves call zombies). Also they bet whether all the world is filled with them… They Load up in their backpacks with anything they can carry and head to the airport…

A Mysterious Invitation
Game Session 1

A mysterious packaged was delivered to your home. Inside there was a Letter of invitation to a conference along with air tickets and some leaflets about the 7 star hotel you where offered a stay.
You decided to accept the invitation, and on 10 – 2 – 2020 , you left for signapore.
After around 14-16 you arrived in your destination. A taxi awaited for your arrival.
All costs were paid ,according to that mysterious invitation.

After a short rest in the hotel’s room, your personal assistant ( which the hotel offered you for the duration of your stay), invited you to the welcoming party for the members of the conference.

On your way to the rooftop (where the party was held), you met another person. Infamilliar to the area and confused on why he was there.

While chatting with Joseph (a Genetic engineer you met on there), suddenly a female voice was heard : " What is that light?" She said while looking up the sky.

The light became bigger and bigger. You went back to your room and checked the TV.
A meteor is passing by earth. Chances of crash 0.01 .
However half an hour later, came an emergency anouncement:
" Don’t panic , the meteor’s chances of crashing onto earth are increased to 67
. Please follow the signs on the streets to get in a refugee. The meteor will impact earth in approximately 4 minutes. ……."
You didn’t hear what is going on. You along with the person you met earlier and your personal assistants started going downstairs, to the Nuclear refugee of the hotel. While in floor -1 , a sudden shockwave knocked most of you unconsious.
However Jason managed to remain up. He grabbed the unconcious bodies and carried them out of the burning and collapsing hotel. Then he also collapsed….


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