World Rebirth

The Rifts are Finally over

Game Session 8

The party departs for mount olympus and reach it safely.
On their way to the top of the moutnain Jack tells everyone of his Backstory. Then suddenly after everyone hears it out, they decide to enter the Subworld through a device that was granted to them previously. They enter the Subworld and when this happens Jack disappears.

Inside the Subworld another Rift is active. Priscilla Teleports Ross to the Rift and there he finds a group of mages and Knights trying to close down the Rift. A specific witch, called during Jack’s story was also Present. Her name was Marry Fier. Soon Jack arrived there, his hands were full of bandages but he wielded his sword with pride. The Rift couldn’t close. Ross figured out a way to close this Rift. Pulling Marry Fier by her hand he jumps inside the Rift. Marry can’t pass but at the last moment she casts a spell and then the Rift closes by absorbing her. Ross signals the others on the outside to have him stay in this world and to take Jack back.

After this short break, they finally reach the top where after defeating the monsters in the entrance of a Secret temple they manage to enter it.

Inside the temple they find a talking book, calling himself God of Lore. Through him they find a way of closing down the rift. What they need to do is enter the rift and conduct a ritual while in the Middleworlds. Also they learn who is the one behind the rifts. It was the Dragon Emperor, Auronas. While there, they receive message from Ruby, that the Shieldzone is no longer… No word is heard from Ruby or anyone from the Shieldzone after this message…

The Party remained in Mount Olympus and practiced on the Ritual. Then they departed to the Rift. After reaching the rift and entering it they meet up with a very distorted version of Ross. Also they find Marry Fier. With their help they start conducting the ritual.

The Ritual is succesful and the Rifts gradually shut down. When the Rifts finally close and no longer light comes inside the Middleworlds, everything gets cold. Suddenly they hear the Voice of God of Lore. He must have included a message inside the Ritual.
“I have extended the Ritual in order to teleport you out of there when you are done… now pick a Location”. Everyone starts shouting Home, Back but nothing happens…. Then Jason shouts Dragonworld, Ieyhives.

They Suddenly appear in a Valley and in the horizon they spot a Huge Mountain. A Gargantuan Dragon approaches. However Diana is dead. Jack starts crying and Ysolde is trying to transfer her godess essence to Diana in order to revive her.

When the Gargantuan Dragon finally approaches they realise he is the Dragon Emperor. Jason starts Fighting with him and soon Sellik Joins the fight.

A great Aerial Battle occurs with both sides not falling back. At some point a great light is emitted from Jason and suddenly Horns grow out of his head.

Sellik Sends Auronas towards Jason and he releases an unholy flame which incinerates the Dragon Emperor. Sellik loses his consciousness and dies. The Dragon emperor turns to Ash and Jason is lost inside it, he is assumed dead….

So it ended…

Summarised END:
The party succesfully shutted down the rifts. However they teleported to the Dragon Worlds afterwards. They Defeated the Dragon Emperor. Sellik Died in that last fight, and Jason is assumed to be dead. Ross remained in the Middleworlds. The surviving Dragons praised the survivors feat and made them their new king .Ysolde became a mortal and in 9 months she gave birth to a child, with glowing gree eyes and a tail. Diana and Jack made a family in the Dragon Worlds. Ceres left the Palace and started exploring the Dragon world, no one has seen her for a long time. Meanwhile in the human world, the shieldzone was destroyed and a few dragons remained wandering around. Possibly the only human survivors are the ones in the ship (the ship which transported the party to mount Olympus and later to the Rift). Javy stored Ross’ immovable body to a crystal cage. The remaining humans hided from the dragons which soon died in that world because they were unable to cover their needs.


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