Ross Decker

A ex-engineer student, now a skillful spear user


Name: Ross Decker


Nationality: American

Stands at 1.80 m tall,black hair , green eyes, slightly toned build.

Primary Occupation: Student

Can be kind of anti social if he doesn’t like those surrounding him but usually doesn’t miss a chance to show how much of a smartass he is.Very intelligent but bit impulsive.Has some anger management issues and a sailors mouth to go along with them, but dont let it bother you. He’s like that with everyone.

Special Abilities:
Lucky Dice x1 : Once per session you can add one dice to a roll.


Ross is in his first year of college studies in engineering, or he would be if he wasn’t caught up in the incident. On Sept 10 he was at the airport to waiting for his father to pick him up.They live seperately because his father works in Singapore but Ross was going to study in the US.Ross likes to tamper with electronics for fun and make his own makeshift gadgets and such.
He’s also into video games. REALLY into them. Also dabbles in music and at some point took martial arts classes… not that he remembers much


Engineer Student
Mentally Strong
Kung-fu Spear and Sword Master
Gravity Controller**

Ross Decker

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