World Rebirth

MTC Tournament

Game Session 6.5

They team passes their time training. Soon, the tournament starts. They manage to win flawlessly the first round getting promoted to rank 2. Without time for a big break, the second round begins. It is a Base Defense. They manage to grasp some points from this round as well however the round ends for them because the base gets destroyed. The tournament will continue tomorrow.

After they leave this virtual enviroment, they Ysolde calls them all to Sellik’s Room. She claims that she knows where to find information on how to close the rift. On mount olympus, where the ancient gods lived, a certain Tome of knowledge can be found. Soon, Ruby gets to the room.

To their Surprise , he promotes Ross to a commander , due to his achiements in the first 2 tournament rounds. Now that Ross, becomes a commander he can easily initiate an operation to mount olympus. However, one more round remains to the tournament. With that in mind Ross decides to plan the operation after that event.

After the rest of the day, they all head to their chambers and pass a wonderful night…


Josephkhland Josephkhland

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