World Rebirth

Around Signapore

Game Session 2

3 Days have passed since the meteor crashed near singapore.
Players up Restrained in some kind of a research facility. For some reason, the Doctors there try to keep them locked inside. Maybe they want to perform some experiments on them. David , a Pen user Expert , manages to Knock out a Doctor and free Sellik. Sellik goes outside the room he was locked in along with David, they then encounter two Doctors one of which just knocked out Jack with a syringe. Sellik intimidates them with his gun and makes them surrender, they tie them up and Sellik tries to interrogate one of them who then decides it was useless and shoots the Doctor on both of his knee’s. Along with Sellik David liberates Jack and Jason. All together They liberate Javy and Diana. Also they grab an unconscious but still alive human with them and head toward the elevator.
The military on the Ground level doesn’t seem to bother keeping them locked in. They give them a Truck and allow them to leave the facility. However , some Malformed things are wandering outside in the town.

Using the truck , they go to Jason’s Uncle House. Uncle Bill, was truly a weirdo. He fed those Malformed things with dog food and salads. Also allowed them to bite his cat… Still Jason insists on bringing him with them. After loading all his things to the truck (some weeks worth of Food, tools and other weird and/or uncommon stuff)

Night is closing by, the Team decides to Camp inside a warehouse. The night passes without an incident. David went outside to catch a radio transmission and returned at dawn, his clothes dirtied with blood as he claims that it wasn’t his.
“The Military is gathering people in the Port, they are loading them to a ship…”
Before they get to discuss the matter, a shot of a cannon is heard and soon the Warehouse’s Gate is destroyed.
Behind it, Waited a Soldier, followed by 3 tanks, and an infantry unit of around 100 men.
“You are under arrest, due to causing the death of a man called “Jin Lauso” "
Jason bursts in dark flames, and just in milliseconds jumps on the tank behind the soldier and take’s out the driver beating him to death. The soldier turns around and tries to shoot at Jason. Jack rushes to save Jason. However he can’t get near in time … or so it seems. Suddenly Jack appears next to jason, and manages to protect him from the Bullet. David seems to press a button , suddenly an explosion takes out most of the Infantry of the millitary. Now only the 2 tanks remain and some soldiers…
Sellik tries to shoot the soldier, but misses. Instead the Soldier wounds Sellik in the shoulder. Jason reacts quickly and destroys the soldier.
A tank tries to shoot at Jason, but he evades. Sellik runs back to the truck and tries to make some kind of bomb along with David. Jason manages to use his mysteriously gained speed to create a smokescreen. Sellik and David fail to make a usable explosive. David Shouts: " Jack shoot the wall of the Warehouse with the empty tank!!!
Jack is shocked and can’t move. Sellik , rushes to the tank with his wound, jumps in, and points the canon to the wall.
A hole is made in the Warehouse, but the warehouse seems to start collapsing as well. David uses his Truck Driver skills to pass the Truck through the hole in the wall, even though he succeeds a tire breaks and the truck is almost capsized. (Also the gas tank is damaged which causes the gas to leak out slowly).
Still David manages to put the truck safely on the road. Jason picks up the shocked Jack and Sellik and … Blinks to the truck.
They have almost escaped, but then a tank shot the back of the truck.
The blast seemed to hit Uncle bill, who mysteriously disappears…
Jason gets angry, jumps into the Tank , opens the lid and tries to hit the driver with a Knife. He misses barely as the Knife Vaporizes. The Tank driver is somehow shocked.
Sellik tries throwing a cherry bomb inside the Tank but fails, Jack jumps out catches the Cherry bomb midair and tries to throw it in the tank instead. He fails as well. Jason jumps to save Jack. Sellik goes forward to David and asks for a cherry bomb. Jack brings out a mysterious sword from his backpack pierces the truck and manages to manages to hold on. Sellik tricks the tank into thinking that his cherry bomb is a powerful bomb. David asks for Sellik to take the wheel, then boots up his laptop and starts doing some serious stuff. The tank takes the bait. Sellik Jumps on the driver seat and barely manages to drive the Truck back on road.
The tank is around 100 m away and seems to be aiming the truck. David Shouts " I did it … I guess they didn’t see that coming !!!" Then a Ray comes down from the sky and blasts the tank. The tank is vaporized almost instantly….
They manage to escape. Then they stop since Jason needs to calm down and jumps of the truck on his own.
As everyone is trying to console Jason, David fixes the Tires. Soon the malformed things swarm the truck , so they get back in and start moving. The guy who was unconscious wakes up. Javy succeeds on calming Jason down. The guy who they were carrying with them all the time was called Drake.
Soon the truck stops….
“Shit !!!”…
David: Seems like we had a Gas leak…
David: The only building nearby is the Airport, and it is 20 minutes by foot.
Somehow they agree on going to the airport. They also make a bet whether it will be swarmed with malformed things (they themselves call zombies). Also they bet whether all the world is filled with them… They Load up in their backpacks with anything they can carry and head to the airport…


Josephkhland A_CertainSellik

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