World Rebirth

A Mysterious Invitation
Game Session 1

A mysterious packaged was delivered to your home. Inside there was a Letter of invitation to a conference along with air tickets and some leaflets about the 7 star hotel you where offered a stay.
You decided to accept the invitation, and on 10 – 2 – 2020 , you left for signapore.
After around 14-16 you arrived in your destination. A taxi awaited for your arrival.
All costs were paid ,according to that mysterious invitation.

After a short rest in the hotel’s room, your personal assistant ( which the hotel offered you for the duration of your stay), invited you to the welcoming party for the members of the conference.

On your way to the rooftop (where the party was held), you met another person. Infamilliar to the area and confused on why he was there.

While chatting with Joseph (a Genetic engineer you met on there), suddenly a female voice was heard : " What is that light?" She said while looking up the sky.

The light became bigger and bigger. You went back to your room and checked the TV.
A meteor is passing by earth. Chances of crash 0.01 .
However half an hour later, came an emergency anouncement:
" Don’t panic , the meteor’s chances of crashing onto earth are increased to 67
. Please follow the signs on the streets to get in a refugee. The meteor will impact earth in approximately 4 minutes. ……."
You didn’t hear what is going on. You along with the person you met earlier and your personal assistants started going downstairs, to the Nuclear refugee of the hotel. While in floor -1 , a sudden shockwave knocked most of you unconsious.
However Jason managed to remain up. He grabbed the unconcious bodies and carried them out of the burning and collapsing hotel. Then he also collapsed….


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