A mercenary trained in the sword, champion of Lepus



Sword Trained Mercenary
Stealth Master
Information Broker
Bomb Crafter
Extraordinary Strong**
Champion of Lepus**


Sellik is a normal man. He was a job hunter who was out of luck. He was in a dead end situation.
Being in debt he may have resorted to less.. preferable methods of acquiring sum.
He steals pretty much anything. Schematics, Blueprints, Plans and all the good stuff
on technological research. Why shouldn’t he? It sells good money.

Corporations all try to get a leg up on other people. Sellik had then learned the tricks of the trade.
Knew how to deceive, manipulate and break other peoples minds. He pretty much made
companies lick his boots for his services. Sellik however.. had pulled certain allies down at his early years.
And might regret it sooner or later.


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