World Rebirth

Returning to Civilization

Game Session 5

They boarded the battleship. Without losing time, Jack carried Diana to the Nursery. The doctors started operating her immediately, since her condition was critical.
Jack barely keeping his calm, went to tell the rest. The others had gone to the dining hall. Jack found them there. He explained Diana’s condition. After everyone ate their food, they met a Female MTC Agent… Ketty. She was curious about them . Jack and Jason agreed to do practice match. However when they where about to fight. Jack lost his calm and tried using his sword. Jason used his demon fire to stop Jack and so he injuried Jack in the shoulder.

MTC agents had to break in the fight. The third in command of the ship, Gavriel used his Gless-Blade to parry jack. However jack’s blade broke. Ketty using her moves, she knocked out Jason.

In the meanwhile, Ross after hearing the rumor that the commander of the ship was a gravity controller, he went to meet him in the bridge. After talking for some time, they heard the ruckus from outside, and headed to check.

Jack was furious that his blade broke so he started walking around. Jason was carried to a cabin. Due to his injury Jack, headed to the nursery, where the Doctors had pleasant news. The operation was successful and in 2 days , Diana would be back on her feet. Then he headed to a Cabin as well.

The next morning, Jack helped in the kitchen to make breakfast. In the Dining hall he apologised for his actions and shared the news. After dining, everyone went to train.

Ross and Jack started training their Endurance by running laps on the Deck.

Jason went to practice in the Gym. Where he accepted to make a practice duel with ketty.

Ketty was beating him, until he got angry… Then Ketty took a beating… She got fired up and started beating Jason again… Soon Jack came in after doing his laps.

They went to eat lunch aftewards.

After the lunch, they decided to do a Tag-Team Practice match. Ross and Ketty vs Jack and Jason.

Using Ross’s Plans, Jack and jason lost this 3 round match.

The next day, Diana woke up. Everyone headed there to see her.

For 2 more days, everyone was training.

And then when they were about to pass through Suez a Gigantic Kraken appeared close to the ship. The Crew started taking battle position. Jason burst into flames. Jack went with ketty to the cannon. Jack tried damaging the Kraken, however soon after its wounds started healing. Ruby – the commander of the ship, using Ross’s power started preparing something. Jason tried removing a horn from the enemy, however the kraken Submerged.

The Kraken Jumped from below the Ship leading it to the air.

Ruby released his power, making the ship move at an incredible speed forwards. Then he landed it safely in the Mediteranian. Ross using his remaining power pulled Jason along with the ship. Then Both ross and ruby collapsed.

The ship was safe from the Kraken and continued going forward. Ruby and Ross woke up a day later and in the same day, Shieldzone was finally on sight…


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