World Rebirth

Joining the MTC

Game Session 6

The Battleship enters the shieldzone. Soon it docks in Valencia’s Port. The Surviving soldiers disembark. On the distance a huge Building is Visible. Jack follows an MTC Agent named Gavriel to that Building, which is actually the MTC HQ. The rest of the team follows Ketty to an Inn, eastern to the MTC HQ, next to the river. There they meet Ceres, a Realm Controller which claims to have saved the fleet when it was attacked by a Kraken… they talk a lot while in there… Meanwhile, Jack gets to the MTC HQ, in order to repair his sword he joins the Organisation… They give him a Bracelet. Moments after he wears it, his Sword turns White with its Glyphs Glowing red, returning to its original , unbroken form.
Soon the others get reach the HQ… they decide to join as well. Sellik wears the Bracelet… soon two bright pillars of green light are emitted from the top of his back. Two wings, covered in green flames are emitted.
Ross, gets a 3 meters long Spear. Its Quarterstaff , seems to be of a dark coloured metal. While the speat tip is bright yellow as if made of light..
Jason gets a dark coloured Rapier covered in crimson flames.
David’s Laptop turns white.

They are soon guided by an agent to empty appartments.

MTC Agents Rank from 1 to 4 , and MTC Commanders Rank from 1 to 3.
In order to climb up the ranks they are required specific tournaments take place.
Through them agents get promoted.

Commanders have a separate tournament.

The Characters decide to build an official team , and now they are thinking of how to split into squads for the tournament.

Jack Passes a great Night with Diana…
Everyone else wakes up in the morning heading for training. Ceres decides to be their trainer. Soon they all get enclosed in a Sphere. A Pool of lava is created in the centre of the sphere.

Ceres: So this is your training… Inside the pool of lava , a door is hidden . I will be waitting in the room behind it. Only way to leave this realm of mine is to get inside that room…


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