World Rebirth

Island and its secrets

Game session 4

After regrouping on the shore, Jack and Jason go for scouting. Drake and Sellik check their remaining resources. David goes to bring some firewood. Jack and Jason return with a Boar, they hunted. Soon David brings the firewood. They set up a campfire and go on cooking the Boar (after using its not edible parts to make weapons and other things).
Ivo thanks them for taking him in.
Jack says they haven’t accepted him yet.
They decide to find the solution through a trial by combat.

Ivo shows excellence in the use of the sword and beats the first round. During to his playful personality however he loses the second.
The third round begins, Jack goes for the strike. Suddenly Ivo disappears from his sight and tries to attack from the side. Jack barely avoids. Jack tries to strike back, Ivo disappears again, appearing behind him . Ivo thinking he is really wielding a sword misses because the reach of his firewood is smaller than usual. Jack tries to Thrust Ivo, Ivo disappears , jumps on Jack’s weapon, then goes above him. Jack feels his weapon is heavier for a second and it pulls it down. With a quick move, it uses it to his advantage throwing sand to Ivo’s eyes, Jack Parries Ivo’s attack and then Lands the winning strike.

After seeing what Ivo can do… the party decides to let him in. Even if he lost the bet.
Javy starts acting weird saying things other people were thinking. Soon she gets a headache and then collapses.
Her ears and eyes start bleeding. No one knows what is going on, they are thinking of ending her pain.
But then…
A Woman with Black hair and Bright Green Glowing eyes appears out of the woods.
“I can help her she said”
Not knowing what to do they allowed her to take care of Javy.
“It would be better for her that you keep a distance”

After an hour, Javy stops bleeding and she seems better now.

The Party begun asking questions to the Young lady.
" I don’t remember where I am from or when I was born, I just know I have been living in a temple on this island for the past 300 years"
They all seem shocked with her age and suspicious of her. Later she invites them to the temple.

Half the party heads to the temple, while the rest remain with Javy.
At around 21:00 Javy awakens… David and Ivo who have been to the temple, tell the rest it is safe to head to the temple.
Javy, Jason, David, Ross and Ivo head to the Magic Temple-Mansion.
The witch they met before, named Ysolde leads them to the guest room.
They rest there for the night.

Time passes -
Sellik learns how to use a sword from Ivo, Ross learns to handle the spear and Jack trains his swordsmanship (unknown for the rest).
Ross builds a relation with Javy, Sellik receives a “Magical” Sword from Ysolde (the witch).
Each day, the males head to the island to gather food and resources. The females stayed in the temple and got trained by the witch.
On one of the days, Sellik found out he had some unseen before strength…
1 year and 6 Months Later:
June 15 2021

Sellik comes inside the guest room in the morning. His eyes are glowing green. Soon the Ysolde (the witch) comes and his eyes stop glowing. They prepare for hunting and head to the Gravity Map ( A magical device in the temple that creates a perfect miniature of the Island and works by receiving signals from the gravity. It can be used to teleport at any area of the island.)
A battleship is near the island. After discussing their plan, they head out to communicate with the battleship. It seems friendly and was waving a white flag.
A boat comes out of the battleship with three officers on board.
“We are from MTC, we recently headed out on an expedition towards the great rift, however our fleet and army was almost annihilated so we were called back to Shieldzone. If you need a safehouse you can come with us. We have food, Electricity , water and Internet. Also an energy shield to cover us from the monsters. Also if you come with us you can join the MTC and get weapons that can kill these monsters, like ours”
Suddenly a sword gets projected to one of the officers hand. “These weapons, can cut through their skins.”
The party keeps refusing until the end of the conversation
“We will wait for your answer until tomorrow’s dawn”

David thinks of going with them.
Either way they proceed with their hunting. They head to the hilltop.
Then a winged creature flies above, noticing them and landing in front of them. The party tries to fight the creature. Ivo got knocked out, Ross’ spear broke and Jack’s sword wasn’t effective.
Unable to pierce its scales, Jason bursts in flames jumps on its back and pulls of one of its wings.
The creature starts retreating while crying out loud. Sellik uses his sword to end its life proclaiming something about piercing its scales.
The creature dies and goes out with a loud howl.

While they are discussing what they can make with this creature, a Loud Growl is heard from the distance , making the ground tremble. A creature similar to the one they just killed, but 24 times bigger was spotted on the distance. With each flap of its leathery wings it closed around 300m to the Island.
Jack using his extraordinary speed begins to blink towards the temple. Sellik follows suit by using his extraordinary strength he discovered to jump a distance towards the temple. Jason while in this… demonic form… grabs ross and Drake and start heading to temple. Ivo is unconscious with David taking care of him in the woods.
The colossal creature lands on the hilltop. As its sees its hatchling lying dead on the ground, it growls again. Jason flames slowly disappear and he falls unconscious. The creature starts breathing fire and burns the majority of the island. The fire reaches Jason, Ross and Drake. But then, the flame gets pulled to the ground. The forest around them gets crushed, and the creature falls prone. Jason , Drake , David and Ivo who are nearby feels like they’re getting crushed. Then this mysterious force stops. The Creature is ready to burn them down… and then Everything stops…. Diana is behind Jack in the entrance of the temple, as the only thing moving she fell down on the ground starting bleeding …

Suddenly…. Everyone reappears at the shore. The 3 agents of MTC are there “We will wait for your answer until tomorrow’s dawn”
The party makes a signal to Ysolde and the females (who are in the Temple) to come. Soon Ysolde and Javy appear holding an unconscious and bleeding Diana. They out of nowhere ask to be allowed in the ship. One of the agents whistles, a second boat comes out .

They board the boats and head toward the battleship…


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