World Rebirth

Escaping from Doom

Game Session 3

The party reaches the airport. Using cherry bombs to distract the zombies, they manage to rush inside. After managing to restrain most of the malformed creatures, they entered the gift shop area. There they met Ross. A young engineer student, who was surviving in this area for the last 4 days. After all the introductions, they headed toward the Control Tower. David, Ross and Jack went inside while the others remaining outside. After gathering resources, they regrouped. Just before they were swarmed they managed to enter an airplane. Inside the plane , a man called Ivo Kagumi was hiding in the kitchen area. Thank god the plane had no Malformed things. Jack didn’t trust this guy, even though he claimed he was a Pilot. Under Jack’s command they kept him locked in the kitchen area. They were resting in this temporary safeplace, when suddenly
“A giant pillar of red and orange light seems to be channeled to the sky, gathering the clouds and setting up a stormy atmosphere”
“An explosion on the cloud level causes the Clouds to spread in all kinds of directions”
Then , smaller white pillars of light launch off from the malformed things to the sky"
David using his moddified laptop lands off the airplane…
“As they are going up and heading away from the Pillar of light, the Pillar gets thicker and emits more light.
“Suddenly all the white beams dissapear and the Red beam starts shrinking.
" The Light of the Pillar disappears inside the meteor.
“As all seemed to have calmed down, a dark lighting comes out of the meteor heading to the sky and all directions.
“A pair of red claws seems to pierce through the Dark lightinng.
“They tear the lightning apart, creating a Hole in the sky.
“A Gargantuan Monster starts coming out of the hole.

“As the Gargantuan creature gets out of the rift, a bright fire bursts in front of it.
The creature stops momentarily and roars on the mysterious thing that popped in front of it”

“The wicked Aura of the Monster collides with the Crimson Flames in front of it. coming from the thing in front of it. The Crimson Fire strikes the creature, and pushes it backwards.”

“The creature falls on the town, destroying most of the remaining buildings and raising a screen of dust”

“As the plane, goes further away from town, mysterious lights show inside the smokescreen. The smokescreen starts to settle down. The rift is expanding, and lot of monster , smaller than the gargantuan winged one, start spreading around the town.”

“The city and the Monster is not visible, a loud roar is heard, followed by a shockwave. The plane is pushed ahead.”

David loses control of the plane, they need to jump off. Javy unlocks Ivo’s door and everyone jumps off with their own Parachute.
As they fall, the sky keeps getting stormier and then a Dark Lighting seems to be chasing them as they fall.
No one is hit by the dark lightning , soon they spot a small island .
“Lets land there…” Said someone.

Most of them fell on the sea next to the island. They where reunited at the shore. And stopped there to relax a bit.


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