World Rebirth

Entering the Sub-World

Game Session 7

A new day is Dawning…
The Team heads slowly but steadily to the mess hall.
As they are eating their dinner and they are discussing some matters, a Beep is heard from Ross’ Phone. Its a message from Ruby wishing them good luck for the next round.
Suddenly, reality gets shattered. Ross, Jack, Sellik, Jason find themselves in a desert . The Sky is covered with ashes. Then a beep sound is heard again from Ross phone. It is some Gibberish speech ΚΣΔΞ ΞΚΚΟΞΔ ΞΞΨΜΗΗ . As they walk forward, a young women seems to walk tired to their way.
They help her. Her name is Priscilla Wilkins. She comes from a City in the North. A Dragon has Attacked the City and so she asks that they help.
Leaving her behind, they head towards the city. Indeed a Dragon is flying around the city, ravaging it and demolishing it.
Soon another beep is heard from Ross’ Phone. “A translation for the previous message is compiled:”

“You are now in a real world like ours. Humanity managed to find this world 4 years ago. Just like in our world, a rift can be found in this world. Through it, just like in the human’s world , dragons attack the land. This world is called Digital World or Subworld. Your task for this 3rd round is to Save as many people as possible within a Day. Time works differently in this world. For each person you successfully save you gain 10 points, Good Luck”

The party heads to the city. The Dragon seems to notice them. Using their glessblade they manage to interact with the dragon.
The Dragon gets pissed of with Ross and attacks him.
After a fine battle, the party pierces through the Dragon’s heart. The Dragon gets depixelated.
By defeating the dragon they manage to save most of the City’s alive population. After taking care of the injuried, they find priscilla again.
To their surprise she was the queen of this city, and she could use magic. Intrigued by the powers of Lepus, that Sellik used, she becomes questioning them. Soon it is time for them to leave.
The party returns to the real world. Only around 5 minutes have passed and after asking the others they were just there eating their food. Soon an announcement is heard : The 3rd round is about to begin. A beep sound is heard. “This is a fake for the teams without a commander”.

Soon after Ross’ finds Ruby. They head to the offices and the conference room. All the commanders are there. They start talking about the secret hierarchy of MTC. Ruby asks about Ross’ plan. Ross’ Calls his team in the room. After they are there, Ysolde announces what she found out to the rest of the commanders. Ross is allowed to head to olympus . He will also be accompanied by Ceres and her Group.
They are to leave tomorrow at Dawn.
They all went to their chambers for a wonderful night…


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