A Few Words on the World Rebirth

A council of 10 men is ruling over the earth. War has become extinct all around the world. New technology is invented everyday. . . . Or that was before a Meteor ,Codenamed: Glamaros Crashed on earth. Most of Earth’s Electronic’s are destroyed. Whole Cities in the East are destroyed from the crash… and if that was not enough, weird Malformed things start showing up. Humanity struggles for survival while simultaneously blends with this new world…

September 15 2020 : A Gigantic Space-Time Rift opens over the crash location near Signapore.

Beasts started spreading from the rift. Soon the rift expanded crossing the Pacific Ocean. Beasts and monsters started spreading around Europe, Asia, America, Africa and some Islands of Oceania. The sea became a much more dangerous place. Islands all around the world were reached by weird creatures. The council of ten was no longer. Only one remained alive, at Spain. He spend all his money to create an energy shield around Spain’s Capital Madrid and covering a Circular area of 5 Km Radius. An organisation was formed in order to counter the new threats called M.T.C. (Mythical Threat Counterforce). The remaining human population was around 10,000 People that survived within the energy shield. Around 1,000 individuals from this amount became members of M.T.C. . At first the losses were great over 100 members were lost. However they managed to gather the corpse of a monster, and soon their scientists managed to develop new Technology. The creatures had a specific substance in their blood. They called it Glamaros Essence, or GL-Ess for short (Gless). Its behaviour could not be explained through modern science…

Cosmology : Earth + ???
Cosmology Current Date: June – 15 – 2021

Using RIsus Rules to create a Homebrew Setting.
The Campaign is Played in Roll20.net

World Rebirth

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